A Process Servers 5 Best Friends


              A good paralegal has tons of useful insight.  Paralegals know what they tell their clients concerning evading serves and proper verbiage for certain judges.  When a new judge is elected, paralegals are the ones that will tell you which judges will approve alternative service and which want excessive amounts of attempts.  When the court coordinator is on vacation, paralegals will be the ones that give you the heads up concerning court walkthroughs and hearing settings.  If you need access to a file or a template that you’ve misplaced or even help with an efile; again, it’s the paralegals that are there to help.  Paralegals are a cornucopia of knowledge and if you have a good paralegal in your pocket, then you’ve got a good friend in your corner.  Last but not least, when an attorney needs a serve done and done quickly, it is most likely that same paralegal which will call you or email you to effect service for a case.

Local Law Enforcement

Local law enforcement is hit or miss.  Sometimes they are great when it comes to providing backup or getting someone to answer a door.  Other times they might explain they deal with criminal aspects and not particularly civil cases.  A great use for law enforcement is when a respondent has a warrant, has a criminal history or is armed and dangerous but not answering the door. 

Private Detectives

              Need a skip trace? Need someone to make some phone calls for you? Need a second pair of eyes? Having a private detective in the area to help lend a hand is priceless.  A Private Investigator (PI) and Process Server (PS) partnership can make life easier on both persons especially when just starting out in the business.  This is also useful if the Process Server decides to add Investigative services and has a way in to the Investigations field.

Other Process Servers

              Some might scoff at the thought of having friends in the same competitive field but in all reality, our business needs a decent network of trustworthy people.  Having like-minded business associates is useful for out-sourcing when the radius is too far, illness or injury occurs, or a vacation is needed.   Not only this but when a new set of eyes is needed to look at a difficult or evading case a fellow process server might be the perfect sounding board for ways to keep your clients happy with a high success rate.

Flower Shops

              “Flower delivery for Jane doe!”  It would be a lie to say that every flower is used in a flower shop.  Having a friend that works for such an industry means having a few flowers for an impromptu delivery.  This provides what is called ‘cover’.  There are different types of cover, but this provides cover for action.  It is particularly useful when an unwelcomed process server is in the area.  It also gives a reason for a phone call to gain information concerning best delivery times.  If the respondent is in an apartment complex, the leasing agents are much more helpful when the freshness of flowers are on the line.  Not everyone wants the divorce papers, but many are open to a special delivery.  No flower shop?  Donuts and pastries work just as well.


“If you’re wondering why, hire a spy!”

- T and C Protection Firm 

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29 Sep 2018

By Det. Tracie Yamauchi