Episode 04 - Davy Keith

Show Notes:

Davy Keith is the manager of Quantum Process, LLC and has been in business since 1997. He is a past president and founding member of the Mississippi Association of Professional Process Servers. He has also been a member of the NAPPS since 2000. Davy owns and operates a business selling Title II Firearms, and spends his free time teaching Karate as a Shotokan Black Belt.

How did you get started?

Ever since Davy started walking he wanted to be in Law Enforcement. After graduating with a degree in criminal justice he decided to start doing private investigation and decided he would move to doing only Service of Process. He is grateful for his time in private investigation because without it he would not have met his wife. After being a Private Investigator for three years he remembered what a friend suggested years later that he should start serving papers. Now he manages a team of really good servers, some of which have more experience that he does, but he enjoys give his tips and tricks when necessary.  Today, He and his wife have three little kids and enjoy their weekends together.

What is your worst experience?

Davy had a domestic subpoena to serve on a teacher. He took a proactive strategy and called her, when she didn’t answer he decided to leave a message. Her husband who happened to be a Sheriff’s deputy called him back and he was very upset. Davy felt like he should probably have sent another server to the property after having a negative conversation with him over the phone he with a sense of duty he pressed forward and went to the property.

Davy called the police to inform them that he was at the residence to serve civil process, he spoke to the neighbor who confirmed that she was indeed home and so he began knocking. When she did not answer he decided to employ the “Rope a Dope” technique. To leave the property and circle around the block. When he did this is actually worked. She was coming out of the house as he was pulling up. However, as he arrived he noticed a deputy had just pulled up as well. He recognized this deputy and had a feeling that he should just drive on but he stopped anyway.

As Davy approached the yard he said hello to the Officer and informed him that he was the one that called them about serving papers at this location. The officer commanded him to stay in his vehicle when he spoke to the woman. He admitted that he should have been more patient but after what seemed like several minutes, Davy stayed by his car but informed the teacher that he was serving her the papers. When the deputy saw this, he became irate and charged Davy and threatened to zap him if he moved. Davy stopped in his tracks. The deputy then slammed Davy onto the hood of his car so hard that it left a large dent. He cuffed him and sat him on the hood of his car and left him there to go back and talk to the teacher. When the deputy was away, Davy was able to double click his Bluetooth using his shoulder to call the last person he was talking to. He asked them to call a specific attorney that ended up calling the Sheriff. The deputy saw that Davy was talking and came charging back demanding any other devices be turned over. After sitting in the back of the patrol car for about an hour while the deputy chatted with the teacher, Davy couldn’t help but think about how he has taken many people to Jail while he was in law enforcement but has never actually been to Jail himself. On the way to Jail, the deputy made comments like, “This is what happens when you mess around in my county”. Full of himself and overconfident they stripped Davy of his clothes and put him in an orange jumpsuit.  While sitting there in the drunk tank, he made nice with another inmate and thought to himself. What could they possibly be charging me with? He turned around and sued the woman he was trying to originally trying to serve and she agreed to drop all charges if he dropped his suit.

Davy recounts his experience in court as they judge rules in favor of the officer and Davy walks away with a conviction of Disorderly Conduct which is a misdemeanor. Davy burned through three attorneys before he found one that was up to the challenge of suing the Officer. Multiple counties and other officers have had problems with the deputy and upon depositioning him and the servee, they learned that their stories were not consistent. The Officer and his counsel decided to offer a settlement. Davy held is ground that the Officer lose his job and all fees get paid. Davy’s settlement netted him $3000 and knowledge that can only be obtained in the worst way possible.

Davy’s main take away... “Just because you are acting as an arm of the law, doesn’t mean that you can’t be charged with something.” When confrontation is imminent, back off the serve and send the Sheriff’s department or another server. It’s not worth it! Take a friendly approach to break the ice and get the job done.

Greatest experience..  Davy values his experiences in which he was able to talk someone out of suicide and ultimately cherishes the opportunities he runs into where he can make a positive influence and share his faith.

Advice to the struggling server. Speak to attorneys in the courthouse, Do a skip trace, go to that extra address, and go the extra mile. Be professional, but specific when responding to quote requests and take the time to read their email. Have a professional signature line in your email, don’t go into debt!

Davy is most excited about.. His new Humvee. Davy is a family conscience man that balances his work and play time with his family time.  

Michael, The Podcast server reveals that he plays Barbies with his 5-year-old, Millie

---------Rapid Fire Round--------

Favorite App: www.ServeManager.com

This app is user-friendly.

Favorite Skip Trace Tip or Trick: www.facebook.com

Plug in a possible phone number in facebook

“Don’t overlook the obvious”

Favorite Tool for defense: Firearm

Nearly everyone in Mississippi has a dog and many of them are very dangerous. Davy said this about gun carry. “Based on any past experiences of never having been in a deadly situation doesn’t change any statistic that you could be, a home invasion takes 3 seconds.”

Book Recommendation: The Survivalist Series

Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Fiction is about “What would you do in a disaster situation.

Greatest Advice:  “Get out of debt and stay out of debt!”

Dany recounts his Grand Father teaching him about staying out of debt to protect what is yours.

“Don’t overlook the obvious”

Conundrum Question: Davy would go to the state bar and start selling his service by offering extreme value up front. If a possible client wants to send you work in the future, ask for his email to get the ball rolling. Do a $100 job for $10 to get your foot in the door. The legal industry lives and dies by it’s email so be ready to provide value and be professional.

Contact Information:

Davy Keith can be reached at:


Cell: 601-319-2675


PSD Favorite Quotes:

“Don’t overlook the obvious”

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26 Feb 2018

By Michael Reid, The Podcastserver