Episode 03 - Jay Sorenson


Episode 003 ~ Jay Sorenson

Show Notes:

Jay is one of many Process Servers that we employ at my own service company, 530 Process Servers. Jay had one week of training and passed the Certification given by the California Association of Legal Support Professionals on his first try. As a new process server, Jay recounts two experiences in which he finds himself knee deep in delivering bad news! Only three weeks on the job we dive into his story right away.

We start off the interview with him telling us about his experience in trying to locate a subject for a restraining order. After multiple attempts to serve it personally. He speaks to the wife that tells him to serve the family attorney. When Jay informed her that because of the nature of the documents, she shut the door in his face. Visiting the workplace with a brazen attitude of diligence, he quickly learned that a little more tact would be necessary when attempting at work locations when management asked him to leave the premises.

Jay recalled that the subject's truck was no longer leaving the house, He decided to watch the house on what he likes to call a “mini-stakeout” Just as he parked, The wife pulls out of the driveway and Jay begins to follow her and somehow manages to beat her to the work location but lose her altogether. Just as he thought that he’d lost sight of them. The wife pulled into a space that Jay was also about to park in. Jay said, “OH SNAP”! When he realized that it was still game on! She did not recognize that it was Jay the Sneaky Process Server. So he backed into another space and then served the defendant as he was walking into work. Jay tells us that this was one of the greatest experiences of his life. The adrenaline rush of tracking down and serving somebody was amazing!” he says.

The first serve that Jay had any problem with his first couple of weeks on the job was regarding a child custody dispute at an awful trailer park community in Orland, CA. When trying to serve this young lady, everybody he spoke to at the residence claimed that the subject did not live there and oddly enough nobody seemed to know her. When we called the client they adamantly confirmed that we were attempting at the correct address. When Jay returned to the property multiple times, He got the same vague answers and nobody seemed to want to cooperate. Until one day when Jay attempted, a young boy brought an adult male outside and confirmed that he was the husband and this was the right address. He further confirmed when the subject would be home a few days later. Knowing that he was likely to encounter trouble the next time he attempted, he decided to attempt via super sneak mode. (haha) Wearing a ball cap and parking his vehicle about 1000 feet from the residence, Jay crept up behind the house in some tall grass. He see’s the husband getting things out of the car. Jay moves to the side of the house to get a better look at who is sitting in the front yard. As he looks around the corning he see’s the subject sitting in a chair with her baby. She turns her head and see’s Jay creeping around the corner and she immediately gets out of her chair to run inside when Jay runs up and drops the papers in her chair. The friend that was sitting in the front yard and began to record Jay and tell him that he cannot serve the papers in such a manner.

During this experience, he learned that a process server can deliver a paper as they “Should” do to complete the job, or one can take on a more aggressive approach and avoid unnecessary BS caused by people lying and trying to run from you.

Jay’s advice to new servers out there, Stick with it! Sometimes you do this work for more than just the money. But when you get a difficult serve, You don’t think about the good times where you only had to make one attempt at a business or for a notice, we tend to become hyper-focused on this one serve and how it’s costing us too much time and money. but the truth is, this became a matter of principle, these hard to serve cases are jobs that other people had a hard time with and I was able to serve them! It was the greatest experience of my life.

PSD Favorite Quotes:

“It is my preferred method, to sneak up on people, if i can..”

“Hey so and so, you’ve been F*ing Served!”

“I like to ask random questions to test their honesty”

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15 Feb 2018

By Michael Reid, The Podcastserver