Getting a Pi license.. the real qualifcations

As of Late, there has been a lot of schools popping up saying you can be a PI after 8 short weeks or whatever it might be. THIS IS FALSE! in the states of PA, NJ, DE, MD, and WV for example, It is required that you have 5 years FULL-TIME work as an investigator. This can be as an SIU Investigation, Police Detective (not just a beat cop but a Detective), or working 5 years full time for someone else or even in the military as an investigator. There are NO exceptions. These schools and classes that are popping up are giving people false hope.

The field of Pi's of late has changed as well. Many are retired LEO who think they can use their own sources from the past and work when and where they want to. Many think they can cross state lines without a license. Many think they can have their police buddies run their work. Trust me when I saw this is farther from the truth. Many retired LEO last about a year doing this. While you might run to your buddy Private Investigations is not at all like LEO work.

Unless they are getting into accident reconstruction or cause and origin of fires there is not much of a niche for them in this field anymore. The numbers of Pi's is slowing dying. In most states to you cannot be employed as a Sherriff, Constable or work for your state of the county and do PI work. While there are Constables out there doing the PI work, they are all doing it illegally. Several have lost their jobs and now have a criminal record for doing both!


When in doubt check the actual rules for this stuff and hire someone that operates on the right side of the law not the gray or wrong side.


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30 Jan 2019

By Michele Harris