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Ep 002 - Michelle Gomez

Our guest today is none other than the infamous 4’11 Bounty Hunter from Texas. She is among the elite in the investigation industry and is INDISPENSABLE to her clients. She has a particular set of skills that she has acquired over a long period of time and uses them to her advantage. Her skip tracing techniques, determination and professionalism have taken her internationally to locate some of the hardest cold cases in the world." Michelle Gomez, Welcome to the show!

Michelle, why don’t you take a minute to fill in the blanks from my intro and tell us a little bit about your personal life.

Michelle is the expecting grandmother to twins!! She shares with us that she just bought a new Pit Bull that is now a part of her family.

You have a skill set that could take you many places in life, How did you get started in this industry?

Working for a Texas personal injury Attorney, Michelle was comfortable with her position and place of employment until a friend invited her to check out what sounded like something illegal, “Skip Tracing”, reluctant at first because of the outer appearance of the office was “thuggish and rugish” she proceeded with an open mind, once inside she saw that this was actually a state of the art private investigation office. After doing her first experience on the phone and finding out she was bilingual, The PI gave her the job and matched her great income! After working for about 8 or 9 months, she knew this was for her and decided to move back to Austin, Texas and open her own investigation business. “Unlimited Recoveries”

You’ve had some great success in your career, and we'll get to that story in a minute. Tell me about your worst experience working in the field?

While working in Miami she had an experience where she worked with a debtor and got him to agree to turn over a vehicle. However, when the day came, her and the repo guy came rolling up in an armored tow truck to find that the debtor did a “flip switch” on them. He open fired and she thought that she was going to die. She was thankful for the extra protection of the armored glass and thinks back on the moment and is grateful she was there to add awareness to her repo guy. She recommends that every person that aspires to be real competition in this industry go to Miami beach and learn to work the streets. “It’s rough out there and those people do not play.”

“At the end of the day, lives are in my hands” “When you wake up in the morning, You never know what's going to happen. You always have to go prepared” “As a skip tracer you are the eyes and ears for the repo guy, communication and trust has to be there”

We’ve all had experiences that make us question our career choices, but then those moments come when something happens and you know you're doing what you love. Michelle, Tell me about your greatest experience working in the field?

Michelle was contracted to find some large, very expensive Caterpillar equipment. Utilizing sub-rosa tactics, Michelle was able to extract information from the suspect's spouse. Putting two and two together, understanding Maritime logistics she found the assets were being shipped to Peru. The suspect was dumb enough to post them on his website that corresponded with his name and Michelle coordinated with the local government to recover all of the stolen assets.

“I’m in class every day when I take on a new case”

That’s great Michelle! You seem like you’re doing so much right now, What are you working on right now that has you most excited?

Contracted by an organization that could not be named, Michelle is going after criminals that have crossed the border illegally. One man, by the name of Luis Alberto Rodriguez, killed a man in North Carolina. She is fired up to find him and others that come into this country and commit heinous crimes and then flee.

A reality show and two other projects will pilot soon.

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That is definitely worth being excited about Michelle! What advice do you have for the struggling server out there right now? What could he/she do today?.

Work well with you Skip tracer or Investigator, put your thinking cap on, Think outside the box, Go with a fresh mind, go with the will that you know you will find them..

“Some of these people have been dodging and they are waiting for you to come to the door and try to serve them. You have to think like them. You just don’t know what's on the other side of the door.”

“I don’t like to see myself as a cold person, but sometimes you have to Get the job done and get home safely”

“You're going to get all five lies” “Become an actor or actress”

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Rapid Fire Round

This is a fun way of finding out more about you and what makes you tick in as little time as possible.

What case tracking software would you recommend as the best?

Using a highlighter and a filing cabinet she uploads her cases into her head. Agreeing that software can take up a lot of time and she is committed to knowing her cases. From murder cases to international cases, she needs to know each of her cases better than anyone.

What is your favorite skip trace tip?

Through the power of will and positive thinking, Michelle believes in the power of the law of attraction. If she knows it might be a difficult case, She gives herself a deadline and doesn’t doubt herself for a second.

Get the book, “The Secret” that describes this principle, for free on audible.com


What is your favorite tool for defense?

Michelle carries a taser, a gun, and a pack of wienies for the cats and doggies. She points out however that she often goes to doors, “Playing the Part” and it doesn’t always work well with the red dress and flip-flops. Haha

She points out that it’s important to do your homework, Ask yourself, what kind of car am i watching for, what do they look like, who’s coming and going?

Michelle points out that often when people are combative or unreasonable, you just need to bring them to your level. Tell them you are there to help find a friend's lost puppy. You’ll be surprised how much information you can get.

Michelle plans to get her license in California and allow me to accompany her on a case.  

“I have to play the part, I’m not going to get off the car with a pack of wienies wearing a red dress and flip-flops!”

What book would you recommend, why?

Michelle admits that she is not a big fan of using books to advance her skills as she believes in learning on the job. She was mentioned in a book and greatly admires many people who have written their own books.

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected by: Jason Hanson


What is the greatest advice you've ever received?

To be humble

What would you do if you woke up today, had all of the same knowledge had no clients, no friends, a smartphone, a car, and only $100 what would you do in the next week?

Michelle would throw a network party. Everyone would get to know each other and counting on family and friends you can have fun building your network and building your skills. Michelle says that it’s important to constantly update your skills and have events like this is a great way to do so.

What is the best way that we can connect with you, and then we say goodbye.

Michelle's available to take questions and help anybody that needs it. Give her a call or send her an email!

Michelle Gomez
White Star Consulting llc
(512) 650-8732

PSD Favorite Quotes:

“I have to play the part, I’m not going to get off the car with a pack of wienies wearing a red dress and flip flops!”

“You're going to get all five lies” “Become an actor or actress”

“I don’t like to see myself as a cold person, but sometimes you have to. Get the job done and get home safely”

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01 Feb 2018

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