Open Letter to the New Process Server….

Open Letter to the New Process Server….


To the process server who’s just starting out,

Don’t fret, every good process server before you started right where you are!

Regardless if it’s a state regulation or not, don’t be afraid to learn!

This industry has amazing people who have been very successful and are willing to teach.

Have a learner’s heart. You will be more likely to get the help that will only benefit you when you have a learner’s heart. Remember you can’t teach a know it all. ????

Be reliable! When a paralegal calls you, the last thing they want to hear is that you are not available. If you are going to be a successful process server, you will need to put the hours in. This will take commitment. Hang in there though. It will take time, but you will see the fruits of your labor. 


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Thomas Edison once said, “There is no substitute for hard work”. This is an easy quote to remember. When you have pulled a twelve-hour day and have two hours of paper work ahead of you, remember this quote!

Networking is your friend. There is this misconception out there that mingling with the competition is a bad idea. That’s not true. I have made very good friends in this industry who technically are my competition. The thing you need to remember with this is that if you are providing good service, you are reliable, you are honest and hardworking, then the competition will not affect you. A paralegal or attorney will not get rid of you if you are doing your job. And if they do, then as a mentor of mine once said, “they don’t value you”.

Value!! This is a big one my friend. Know your value. In the beginning you will be tempted to take jobs for very little pay to get your name out there. I’m not saying it won’t be tough to get your foot in the door. It will. Just remember that you are valuable. You are providing a service that has its risks. You will have to work hard. A server who tells you otherwise is either lying or not a great server. Your time, effort, work and life all have a value. If you do not know and respect that your clients wont either. ( I also learned this from a great mentor!)

My friend, welcome to the industry. If you meet the right people in this industry you will feel welcome, respected and part of a big family. Good luck to you on this journey


The Heart of a Server

Diane G
Central Carolina PPS

Diane Giddings


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25 Oct 2018

By Diane Giddings