Taking on Domestic Cases

Now i have been doing this since 1986... and even then Domestic cases were a hot topic. If you didn't get the results they wanted they did not want to pay your bills .

That being said there have been investigators in PA even that did domestic cases and they end up in the news for giving out information and details and the party we were following then ends up weeks later in the hospital or even dead.

I have been advised in domestic cases do not give out specific details unless there is an attorney on the file. I will NOT break that for anyone. Bigger reason to is PA, NJ, DE and MD where we practice are no fault states. Does not matter if there is an affair. So if you want to know thats great but i will not put my staff at risk by telling you the address they are but i will give you general information. I will not give you photographs of the paramour but i will confirm they are with someone of the opposite sex.

While some other investigators might think that is career suicide , i tell my clients like it is.

If you were on the other side of this would you not want your information protected?

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03 Mar 2019

By Michele Harris