I can imagine getting an eviction notice would be pretty upsetting. Well, i don't have to imagine.. I deliver them every day. Sometimes ten a day. Luckily i'm not the guy that has to forcably remove them. I just deliver what is sometimes the initial paperwork, The Bearer of bad news if you will. I've been doing this for a while now but never really had anything that i couldn't talk my way out of. Recently i had one that was different than others. Most people just get a little upset or seem confused. This guy looked at the papers, said thank you very much with a big grin and began to walk away. As i walked away he apparently changed his mind and said, "wait, you know what? you can take these with you!" as he ripped the Unlawful Detainer papers up he clearly began to get angry. I continued to towards my vehicle, (where i have tools for this kind of thing) and he got between me and the car and repeatedly said, "Leave!" "Leave!". Shoving me with his chest again and again i informed him that if he touched me again i would be forced to remove him from my path to my vehicle. Being very reluctant to put my hands on anyone, I pulled out my camera and began recording. As soon as i did that he turned around and went back into his trailer to get "something", Lets just say i didn't wait around to see what it was. I filed a police report only because i believe him to be mentally unstable. He went from friendly to foe in 2.12 seconds. This was a great example to me of how almost any instance can be resolved without the need for physical tactics and/or restraints.

(Read the spoof Eviction Notice Above Carefully, haha!)