Process Server accused of forging signatures on court documents!

Forging signatures and lying to the court, that's what one local man is accused of. He worked as a process server, delivering important documents from the court system.

These cases are about families and what parents are supposed to do for their kids. But, people in charge of these family cases started noticing issues on some of the important documents this guy was supposed to be serving parents.

Like most of us, Shammara Thomas knows her own signature.

"I can do it over and over again it's still going to be the same thing," she said.

We showed her what was written on a court filing in January 2017.

"That is not my signature," Thomas said.

She's one of about 64 people court documents say Bobby Hush identified whose signatures he may have forged. Hush is accused of not only faking signatures but also filing them with the court and lying to a judge when asked about it. He plead not guilty earlier this month to theft by fraud, fraudulent writings and perjury. Do you think he will do jail time? 

Stay Tuned to see what unfolds. .