Happy Server, Happy Soulmate

You’re a process server, secretary, entrepreneur, and investigator… you wear many hats. You must be able to build your business while maintaining current clients who expect fast, fast and faster!! This can wear a person out. What about when you get home? After a day of paper cuts, scheduling demands and knocking on doors hoping no one answers brandishing a firearm, it’s time to go home. When you walk through the door you want to hear all about your significant others day. The good, the bad and all the irrelevant. No details withheld. You want to shower slip into something more comfortable and spend the next several hours enjoying pillow talk. ???? That’s a lie!  ZZZZZZ!

Running your own process serving company can be rewarding and if done correctly, it can provide a great income. One of the challenges business owners face in this industry is balancing that time and effort with our significant other and the demands of the industry.

If we build our businesses up to be successful but lose our family, then we have nothing! There are many process servers who run very successful businesses and have a happy marriage or relationship. You can too! Every family and home function differently. It’s all about finding what works for you.

The first step I recommend is setting boundaries. Boundaries are so important. Set firm boundaries for your marriage or relationship. Keep in mind when setting these, they need to be realistic. Get input from your soulmate. An example of one that I set is date night. I have date night every Friday night. That is almost always set in stone. There are very few things that will come up that will allow me to break that. That allows us time as well as affirms to my husband that I value that time with him. I value him. He has heard me say to friends and family “I can’t do Friday night, that is date night”. It makes him feel good. We set this up because time is our biggest challenge. Find what is needed for you, set that boundary up and be prepared to stick with it.

The second step comes down to making minutes count! As a process server, I can get a call or email for a "same day rush" at any time. That’s why when I am home I try, as tired as I may be, to make the minutes count for something. Try not to be looking at your phone all the time. It’s not always about the grand gesture. Ask about your soulmates day. I was sharing this blog with a fellow server who told me that just last week he had been having a pretty good day. He arrived home from work and he could tell his wife was feeling stressed by events that had happened in her day. He picked up the house. She started to make dinner and he stopped her and said, he was taking them out. In that situation, he took the time to notice her needs and acted. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day or in our own stresses that it can be easy to miss out on an opportunity to take a minute and show some love.

The third and final note I will leave you with is communication. We live in a time where communication is easier than ever. It doesn’t take much. A text every day just sending some love. I have also hidden notes in his work pocket. A note on their car is a good way to let them know you hope they have a good day and you love them.

I have listed three things that I have personally practiced that have helped me balance my busy work schedule and time with my soulmate. Our loved ones are the most important people to us. Take some time to think about how many minutes out of your day you are giving them and if you are making those minutes count!      


Diane Giddings