In today’s recap of the second RoadWarrior Roundtable we had last night, I just wanted to say thank you to all those that attended! We had a great turn out and participation was high on the topics we discussed and congratulations to our two very lucky participants that won the ServeManager swag packs! Thank you ServeManager for sponsoring the event! You can take advantage of their amazing offer by clicking here. Use the signup code RoadWarriors2020 to get One Month FREE!


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The first item we discussed was “how to get more customers.” From a marketing perspective, I can talk about this all day, however, the RoadWarrior Round table is not about what Michael Reid thinks regarding each topic. The round table is a mastermind meeting where the greatest minds in the industry come together and share their thoughts on the different topics that have been suggested in our Online Facebook group called RoadWarrior Round table.


Michael Kern of Direct Legal stepped up and provided major value as he discussed the ways to create more value by providing more content to your potential customers on your website. Using suggested keywords or phrases that Google shows when you search a certain topic, you can create blog posts to talk about that and link to other authoritative websites. This will not only provide value to your customers but it will also help you rank better on Google. 


Kylie from ServeManager stepped in as a marketing expert and concurred with Mr. Kern and stated that one-page websites that they build help people get found on Google as they can still rank on the first page. She suggested a couple of other ways to rank and offered to meet with anyone interested in learning more. 

You can reach her here: or 800-280-4400 X217


A few of the other members stepped in to talk about how they get new customers by networking and joining directories such as the National Association of Professional Process Servers and Serve Now that already rank on Google and often times don’t have anyone listed in your area so the competition can be very low. 


The next topic we covered was the benefits of becoming a corporation or an LLC in your business and what the differences are. Mr. Kern stated that he and his company were a corporation and discussed some of the benefits. Jason Burke of D&R in Fremont stated that he was an LLC and that he had learned in a class Tony Klein was instructing that process servers in California could not be an LLC as they were considered professionals and needed to go with a corporation or an LLP. These, of course, are just the personal experiences of individual company owners and should not in any way be considered accounting or legal advice. Each state seems to be slightly different on their laws and requirements and you would be wise to research that yourself or hire an attorney to do so for you.


The next topic we discussed was Skiptracing basics, I’m excited about Skiptracing because it’s the one skill that you can apply to many different legal support industries and doesn’t require you to drive and expend resources unnecessarily as you drive all over the earth delivering documents it cuts into your margins. With the recent launch of we are holding our very first meeting and all are invited to attend. We will be discussing Skip Trace Advanced tactics. Such as finding a Social Profile using an email. Finding a Social Profile using a cell phone number, and much more. Click Here to Register for the event.


We were blessed to have Nicki from Delvepoint as a sponsor on our first roundtable meeting last month and she liked it so much she decided to attend once again. When we started speaking about this I offered her a moment to talk on some of the basic tips and she proceeded to tell us some great ways to skip trace using Delvepoint’s Utility search. I then demonstrated via a screen share how to do Boolean searches on Google. Simply using Quotes with what you’re trying to find is a good way to get started. However, the specifics such as first name and last name should be in quotes like this, “FIRST LAST” and other items you think to be true on the outside of the quotes such as city or state like this: “FIRST LAST” CITY or STATE Learn more about this great method by clicking here

There are many other types of boolean searches but the most important thing is to start using them and creating what Nicki referred to as the “waterfall method.” Start using free resources, and then move to some of the resources that progressively get more expensive. For example, a basic utilities search on Delvepoint is just under two dollars versus a more comprehensive report that might be closer to $15 and so on. She said that the code is still good for last month’s promotion so If you're interested in giving Delvepoint a try this is a crazy good time to do it. Visit and use the code: ROADWARRIOR2020 to get 100 free credits and a two-week trial for new and returning clients. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Niki at or give her a call at 850-272-0434


We ran out of time and didn’t have the opportunity to speak about the different equipment that process servers use when out in the field. However, We’re going to discuss this on the next road warrior roundtable. Please comment below what you would like to discuss on the next round table and I will add it to the agenda where our panelists can weigh in on the topics. (The first 20 participants to log in to the webinar become the panelists in addition to the sponsors)


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If you missed our first two meetings your in luck! We have them each and every month on the first or second week. Click here to register for the next RoadWarrior Roundtable! 

THE COMMENTS BELOW WILL BE THE TOPICS FOR THE NEXT ROUNDTABLE, as always your participation is appreciated.