RoadWarrior Roundtable


Were you able to attend our last roundtable?

Here are a few of the points that we discussed at the last very educational meeting. .

  • Is it okay to charge for a "Bad Address" and how to you explain that?
  • Should you establish yourself as an LLC or Corporation?
  • What are some ways that our panelists get reviews?
  • What are some challenges with road rage and how do you handle these confrontations?
  • How should we position our marketing to different types of clients? Personal Injust lawyer vs Family Law, Vs Civil
  • How Do you Handle Your Workflow?
  • What are the best ways to skip trace someone?
  • How to build a brand

and Much Much more... 

The goal of these monthly sessions is to increase the level of knowledge everyone has about vital topics to our profession. If you are a process server, private investigator or other legal support professional you should be in these meetings. Attendance to the webinar is FREE to all when you register below. 

Date: March 4th, 2020 Time: 5:00 pm PST (8:00 pm EST)


Those of you that attended our First Round Warrior Round Table I want to just say thank you for supporting this new initiative.

It is our goal to help new and aspiring process servers to learn the skills needed to stay safe and serve properly each and every day. 

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New and Returning Customers will get:

  • 100 Free Credits
  • 2-week trial (Usually You Only Get One Week)
  • One on One Skip Trace Training Consultation with one of their specialists. 

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