1. Facebook

Every process server I’ve spoken with uses this app. It’s the people finder gold standard you’d want on a desert island if you found yourself on a desert island and felt compelled to serve.

2. Roadwarrior

This allows the server to route themselves and mark jobs complete once they are served and even Fedex drivers rave about it.

3. Quickbooks

With customizable plans and add-ons it’s options are limitless. Use it to track miles, deductions and expenses.

4. MileIQ

When it comes around to tax time, you’ll be happy you downloaded this app. It quietly keeps track of your miles by logging all of your stops for you. When convenient, simply swipe left for business and right for personal and the app will record the purpose and send you a breakdown of your business miles each month.

5. Camscanner

When you need to scan a document or documents in the field, camscanner is your best friend. With a color option or a black and white option, you can scan documents while on the go, just like the pros.  

6. APD TimeStamp (Samsung)

Take a picture while your in the field and you want to find out the date and time is was taken? APD timestamp is your app. Simply choose the photo and click save inside the app. It will save the information in the photo as print on the front. Many customizations available.


7. Waze

Unlike Googlemaps, Waze allows users to alert other users to traffic jams, road closures, alternative routes and upcoming speed traps. It even provides Spotify integration. Additional information available in the following podcast interview:


8. LinkedIn

You’re depriving yourself business opportunities if you are not an active LinkedIn user. While you may prefer soliciting new clients by snail mail or phone, Linkedin ??  most prospective employers will check your Linkedin profile regardless.


9. Quik

One of the process servers we interviewed for the article, Jordan Waters, put this on our radar. He uses a Gopro camera with Quik to send to the client as soon as the serve is completed.

“If the client wants to know if I served someone. It’ll give them a two minute start to stop” Waters explained. “I am the company owner and wanted to capture stuff from a liability perspective to reduce liability.”


10. Evernote or Google Keep

Whatever goes on your to-do list is one less item weighing on your mind. Process serving is hard enough as is. Use your head, cut yourself some slack rather than driving yourself crazy trying to keep everything in your head.